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From 15 years in the international clothing stock business sector

Who we are

We are a stock wholesaler of clothing from the most renowned commercial brands, both Italian and international.

Our customers, in Italy and abroad, are resellers, outlets, importers, distributors, and wholesalers active in different markets.


Circular Fashion

We are entered inCircular Fashion, covering a fundamental role in the circular economy of fast fashion clothing.


We offer to the brands and manufacturers the possibility of freeing up space for new seasonal productions and we offer the whole system the possibility of compensating for waste and not creating textile waste from new products.


We purchase overproduction, past seasons, returns and defective products, classifying them by quality and organizing them, largely, in lots. 

We select and purchase the products in stock directly from the big fast fashion brands.

Nave da carico in mare


We market the products respecting the commercial restrictions of the manufacturer, protecting the brand and its markets.

We operate according to a code of conduct in partnership and collaboration with our suppliers and customers.


We have a headquarters in Turin (Rivarolo Canavese) with offices, warehouse and showroom.


In 2023 we opened a branch in Barcelona (Spain)

Sedi Clore Srl

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