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Purchases are reserved for companies with a VAT number.


Placing the order on the online platform has a binding contractual value.


The prices shown do not include VAT which will be added to the order if applicable based on the country of destination.


Transport, collection, and shipments

Transport costs are borne by the buyer unless otherwise specified. Information on collection is sent via e-mail or WhatsApp to one of the references indicated by the buyer.

Collection can only be made by the buyer or his courier.

The order is available within the terms of the date shown at checkout, however, this represents non-binding indicative information for Clore. Information and specific instructions for the collection of the goods by the buyer's courier are sent via email after the order.

Any shipment request by Clore can be assessed individually and the costs charged on the invoice, are subject to approval by the buyer.


Non-compliant shipments or partial deliveries

Upon delivery of the goods, the buyer must verify that the number of packages corresponds to that indicated on the transport document and that the packaging is intact and does not show any damage or obvious alterations. In the event of discrepancy or partial delivery, the buyer is required to immediately contest these circumstances to the person in charge of the delivery, adding the words "RECEIVED WITH RESERVE - damaged package or partial delivery" on the document to be signed. Only in compliance with this procedure will it be possible to charge the courier for any damage or deficiencies deriving from transport. Otherwise, Clore will not be held responsible in any case.


Purchase documents

Each order is accompanied by a transport document (DDT).


In addition to electronic payments by credit card, the buyer can make the transfer within 1 hour of placing the order by sending the accountant to the email Failure to receive the accounting report within the terms indicated will result in the stock initially blocked by the buyer being made available.


Order cancellation

The order can be canceled or canceled within 1 hour by communicating your choice to the e-mail address, by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to +393483870032.   Beyond the deadline of 1 hour, all orders already paid and ready to be collected or shipped will be refunded withholding a penalty equal to 10% of the amount, by way of reconditioning of the goods. Alternatively, the buyer can choose to cancel the order and use the entire amount on another product already available or arriving. Also, once the cancellation of the order has been processed, the payment will be reversed net of the penalty and the refund will be arranged on the same payment method used by the buyer.


Possible Returns

Any defect or non-conformity of the product received must be reported to Clore within 7 days of receipt, attaching suitable documentation.

Once the truthfulness of the defect or non-compliance with the order has been verified, Clore will proceed with the restoration, replacement, price reduction, termination of the contract, and refund as appropriate.



Personal and company data are managed in accordance with the law.



Any complaints must be addressed


For any dispute, the competent Court is that of Turin.

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